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Laser diode / Ultrasound Cavitation / Tripolar Radio Frequency

Lipo Laser / Ultrasound Cavitation / Radio Frequency Therapies

You  exercised and dieted and even tried other discount body contouring solutions that made you promises but you didn't get the promised results. Why? Both ultrasound cavitation and lipo laser technologies aim to emulsify excess fat in problematic areas such as the hips, stomach, thighs or those "love handles."  Once the fat cells are broken down, the contents of the fat cells need a way to exit the body. The contents of the broken lipocytes (fat cells) are then moved through the lymphatic system to the liver and are safely metabolized and excreted from the body by the body's normal detoxification systems. If you are unable to excrete them from the body within a few hours, they get reasorbed by other fat cells.  See slideshow:

Did your technician tell you about the types of exercises that you needed to do? Did they give you a detoxification protocol to support your body's ability to excrete the fat? Did you receive a body fat analysis before and after each treatment? If your answer was "no" to any of these questions, then you have the reason for your lack of results.

Doctor on Duty ‘s complete lipo laser/cavitation programs include nutritional consultations, body fat analysis , special nutriceuticals and fat burning medications that will support your body’s detoxification process and help your body break down and remove the fat. Our 30 day nutriceutical program (B-complex and Anti-Aging Skincare/Antioxidant Formula plus 1 MIC fat burning injection) will enhance your body’s ability to maximize the body contouring results that you desire. Our support programs include a personal fitness nutrition specialist that will be assigned to you to answer your questions and customize your exercise and nutritional support programs during your body contouring treatments.


Body Contouring Nutritional Support Program- $220 (call for preferred pricing available upon purchase of body contouring package). Customized nutritional and weight loss packages available upon request. Call us about our special of the month!

Body Contouring Services Single Sessions- 1 Area

Lipo Laser- 25 minutes- $250

Ultrasound Cavitation- 20 minutes- $60

Radio Frequency- 15 minutes- $45


Lipo Laser- 25 minutes per session using Lipo Laser technology; all packages include consultations and nutriceutical support protocols

 • 6 Sessions- $475- includes 6 lipo laser @25 minutes; 3 ultrasound cavitation @20 minutes; 6 vibration exercise machine @10 minutes; 3 MIC fat burning injections

  • 9 Sessions- $625- includes 9 lipo laser @25 minutes; 4 ultrasound cavitation @20 minutes; 9 vibration exercise machine @10 minutes; 4 MIC fat burning injections

  • 12 Sessions- $750- includes 12 lipo laser @25 minutes; 8 ultrasound cavitation @20 minutes; 12 vibration exercise machine @10 minutes; 6 MIC fat burning injections

Ultrasound Cavitation- 20 minutes per session using Ultrasound Cavitation technology

  • 6 Sessions- $125- includes 6 vibration exercise machine @10 minutes; 2 MIC fat burning injections

  • 9 Sessions- $165- includes 9 vibration exercise machine @10 minutes; 4 MIC fat burning injections

  • 12 Sessions- $200- includes 12 vibration exercise machine @10 minutes; 6 MIC fat burning injections

Radio Frequency- 15 minutes per session

 • 6 Sessions- $110

 • 9 Sessions-$ 135

 • 12 Sessions- $150

Vacuum Therapy Brazillian Butt Lift – 10 sessions (twice weekly)- $500

Vacuum Contouring Treatment (Best used with Lipo Laser /Cavitation)- 15 minutes per session

  • 3 Sessions- $55

  • 6 Sessions- $75

  • 9 Sessions- $100

Botox Injections- $11 per unit

Juvederm- by consultation

Latisse Treatments- starting at $72

Massage Therapy- by appointment only

30 minute session- $30; with cupping- $40

60 minute session- $60; with cupping- $70

Hot Stone Massage- 75 minute session $80

Abdominal Cupping- $70

Hands or Foot Massage- $15; with paraffin- $25