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Our Services


Our holistic approach to weight loss can help you achieve meaningful long-term and lasting results. By incorporating the three major components to successful weight loss- nutrition, physical exercise and behavioral modification- we will customize a sensible plan to enable safe and effective weight loss.

Our weight loss services include:

  • Nutritional Consultation- Body fat analysis, food lists, meal plans, online web support
  • Physical exam by a board certified physician
  • Appetite Suppressants- Pharmaceutical and herbal
  • Injections to maximize energy and fat loss


Our natural non-invasive body contouring programs will allow you to lose weight and/or inches effectively without the pain and side effects of surgery ot traditional liposuction. When combined with good nutrition and lifestyle changes, the results are nothing short of amazing. A complete program will include nutritional consultations, body fat analysis, special nutraceuticals and lipotropic medications that will support your body's detoxification process and help your body break down and remove fat. our oscillating vibration plate gives your muscles a high speed work out and stimulates your lymphatic system's ability to remove fat through normal metabolic functions.

Our body contouring / anti-aging services include:

  • Lipo Laser Diode Technology
  • Ultrasound Cavitation Technology
  • TripolarRadio Frequency Technology
  • Facial Radio Frequency Technology
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Botox Injections
  • P-Laser
  • Cosmetic Fillers
  • Advanced Cosmeceuticals and Anti-Aging serums


Doctor on Duty specializes in comprehensive personalized health solutions.  By using an integrative, science-based healthcare/ wellness approach, we treat people and not symptoms.

Our primary care / health and wellness services include:

  • Minor Emergencies
  • Ear / Throat / Sinus Infections
  • Annual / School / Sports Physicals
  • Insect Bites and Allergies
  • Various Injections
  • Genetic Testing
  • Customized Nutritional Support

Prices for all services and programs are available upon request. Please contact our office at 813-814-4900 for additional information. Our advanced nutriceutical solutions can be purchased at: